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Alcohol-free brand positioning

I write content for CROSSIP through SH─źDO, a vegan digital marketing agency. My job is to position CROSSIP as a challenger brand within the rapidly-growing alcohol-free industry, clearly demonstrating its values whilst conveying its confidently playful brand voice.


CROSSIP is an alcohol-free brand that makes 0% macerated spirits. Its products go against existing conventions of imitating alcoholic spirits by never trying to be something they’re not. Instead, the brand has curated its own pioneering maceration technique to create complex tasting 0% spirits that can be used in the same context as their alcoholic counterparts but with entirely unique results.

A screenshot of the CROSSIP range of non-alcoholic spirits on their website
Challenger brand blog on the CROSSIP website

The challenge

The team asked us to write SEO blogs that build website traffic whilst providing value to their target audience. The content should also establish CROSSIP as a challenger brand with products that will change the perception of the alcohol-free industry.

The main challenge here was to create a balance between SEO and communicating the brand’s values and beliefs, which, as a challenger brand, are relatively novel concepts.

Target audience

Pregnant women, those who abstain for religious reasons, athletes looking to maintain their performance, individuals wishing to moderate their drinking, teetotallers and basically anyone wishing to enjoy an adult drink without the sugar, booze and unnecessary calories.

Brand voice

Charismatic, confident, influential and playful but without being arrogant and preachy.

Can a spirit be non-alcoholic article on CROSSIP's blog

The results