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This is where you’ll discover some of my favourite blogs, web pages and emails written for plant-based and ethical brands.

Increasing brand awareness

One of the most gratifying aspects of my job is enabling brands to reach a wider audience and forge meaningful connections.

How do I accomplish this?

By harnessing the power of SEO!

With my expertise, the content I create consistently secures top rankings in Google search results, ensuring greater visibility for vegan brands and capturing the attention of countless new potential customers.

Here are some examples of articles I’ve written for clients that claim the top spot in Google search results (with some FAQ features thrown in for good measure)!

SEO results showing Ed's Vegan Bakery at the top of Google thanks to an article I wrote
My Ocean Bottle review ranking at position one of serps due to SEO
My blog post about vegan protein powder in position one of Google search results for keyword form nutrition review
An example of an article that ranks in the top position on Google when I was working as a vegan writer for The Vegan Review
A screenshot of Google search results showing Bright Green Partners (my client) at the top of search results with an article I wrote for them called '3D printed steaks are game changers - here's why'

Driving sales

CASE STUDY: Wild Deodorant

Wild Deodorant tasked my sister and me with writing content to enhance their brand visibility, expand their reach to untapped audiences, and ultimately boost sales.

By strategically targeting high-search volume keywords and addressing critical consumer queries, the articles my sister and I created have proven to be consistent sales drivers, generating over 80 monthly sales for Wild Deodorant. This success not only reinforces their positive brand awareness but also exemplifies the tangible impact of effective content marketing.

"Thanks so much for the articles absolutely love love and love the imagery too!! As always, I wanted to say a massive thank you for working with us and the results are amazing!"
The Wild Deodorant logo: there is some curly text that says 'Wild' in front of a plain peach background
Elizabeth Borkowski
Wild Deodorant

Cracking the brand voice

Nailing the brand voice is paramount! Explore a selection of posts I’ve crafted, each showcasing unique tones and styles to demonstrate my versatility and ability to capture the perfect voice for your brand.

Can a spirit be non-alcoholic?

Instagram Trolls, we challenge you to a duel – may the best side win! So, naysayers, choose your weapons…na, we’re kidding (kind of). We’re not trying to turn this blog into a spirited fight (get it?), so put those vodka-filled water pistols down! We’re an alcohol-free brand called CROSSIP and we make non-alcoholic macerated spirits. Yep, that’s right, “spirits”.

Turn your vag into an eco warrior

Did you know that a woman menstruates for an average of 2,535 days in her lifetime? That’s almost 7 years’ worth of blood, cramps, and digging around in your handbag to find that last tampon you thought you had. In the UK alone, tampons and other single-use period products, account for more than 200,000 tonnes of waste every single year…that’s equivalent to 1,000 female blue whales!

Black History is built on self-care

There are over 41.5 million #selfcare posts on Instagram. Scroll through the photos and you’ll see a bunch of motivational quotes, face masks, steaming bubble baths, elaborate yoga poses, and manicured nails. And yet these beautiful acts of wellness sometimes carry negative connotations of selfishness and guilt, particularly for women, who are often expected to care for others.

The latest technological innovations in plant-based food processing

In the world of food processing, extrusion technology has been a staple for decades. The process involves pushing ingredients through a die to create a continuous shape, making it ideal for producing food at scale. High-moisture extrusion has developed this technology even further, enabling plant-based food manufacturers to emulate the tender, chewy texture of meat and seafood.

Cracking the code to optimal plant-based egg substitutes

Eggs play a crucial role in many of our favorite dishes, from perfectly puffed soufflés to silky smooth hollandaise sauce. Their versatility as an ingredient provides essential functionality and flavor to a wide range of food products. But in recent years, there has been a growing demand for plant-based egg substitutes, driven by health, environmental, and ethical considerations. This presents both challenges and opportunities for food manufacturers.

Websites and landing pages

Roxy asked me to write and edit the copy for her professional website, where she offers her services as a mentor to vegan and ethical creatives. Together, we created compelling content to convey Roxy’s engaging personality whilst motivating visitors to proceed along the buyer’s journey.

The Vexquisit vegan video and motion design studio approached me after discovering my services on Google. Their brief was simple: to make their website more engaging and encourage visitors to click on their CTAs. Did I achieve my task? Check out their website to find out for yourself!


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