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What's black and white and read all over?
My content!
My name's Alice, of Alice's Cerebrum.
I'm a vegan freelance writer and content marketer.

My peers often ask me:

“What are the secrets of great content writing? After all, you’ve written for some amazing companies and they keep coming back.”

I tell them there are 3...

The first is brevity. Nuff said.

The second? Thorough research; a good copywriter will become an expert in whatever they write about.

The third is... Wait a minute, if I told you the third secret, I'd be out of a job!

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Brand Research


Keyword Research

Content Marketing


Editing & Proofreading

‘But, how much do you charge Alice?’

Well, that would be telling.

Content writing is pretty black and white. But I'm also a little bit green...

I am a vegan and I only work with ethical and sustainable companies that align with my values.

Featured Clients

Vegan and ethical brands who love my work.

The logo for SunButter, a vegan sunscreen brand I write content for
The logo for Yubi, a cruelty-free brand I write content for
logo for my client Shido vegan digital marketing agency

What they say behind my back...