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My signature pieces of vegan content! This is where you’ll discover some of my favourite blogs, web pages and emails written for plant-based and ethical brands.

Blog posts

Can a Spirit be Non-Alcoholic?

Instagram Trolls, we challenge you to a duel – may the best side win! So, naysayers, choose your weapons…na, we’re kidding (kind of). We’re not trying to turn this blog into a spirited fight (get it?), so put those vodka-filled water pistols down! We’re an alcohol-free brand called CROSSIP and we make non-alcoholic macerated spirits. Yep, that’s right, “spirits”.

Turn Your Vag Into an Eco Warrior

Did you know that a woman menstruates for an average of 2,535 days in her lifetime? That’s almost 7 years’ worth of blood, cramps, and digging around in your handbag to find that last tampon you thought you had. In the UK alone, tampons and other single-use period products, account for more than 200,000 tonnes of waste every single year…that’s equivalent to 1,000 female blue whales!

Black History is Built on Self-Care

There are over 41.5 million #selfcare posts on Instagram. Scroll through the photos and you’ll see a bunch of motivational quotes, face masks, steaming bubble baths, elaborate yoga poses, and manicured nails. And yet these beautiful acts of wellness sometimes carry negative connotations of selfishness and guilt, particularly for women, who are often expected to care for others.

Web pages

Roxy asked me to write and edit the copy for her professional website, where she offers her services as a mentor to vegan and ethical creatives. Together, we created compelling content to convey Roxy’s engaging personality whilst motivating visitors to proceed along the buyer’s journey.

The Vexquisit vegan video and motion design studio approached me after discovering my services on Google. Their brief was simple: to make their website more engaging and encourage visitors to click on their CTAs. Did I achieve my task? Check out their website to find out for yourself!


Abandoned cart email funnel


It’s hoping you’ll come back to say hello!

Perhaps your browser crashed or your laptop broke unexpectedly…we’re sure you had your reasons for abandoning your cart. Anyway, just in case you’re still thinking about buying some CROSSIP, here are some of the things we think you could do together…

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It seems you’ve been getting into the spirit of things over Dry January. According to data released by The Grocer, non-alcoholic spirit and wine sales have soared!

Call us old fashioned but we think this news is pretty neat! Of course, it’s whisky business hedging all our bets on this data, but it’s worth a shot since we’re confident that non-alcoholic spirits are the future.